The Alumni Portrait Project celebrates the work of nine young photographers who embarked on an ambitious process to photograph and interview over 50 Alumni, all former members of the Wirral Youth Theatre (WYT), recording their stories and reflecting on the influence of WYT on their adult lives.

Over a three month period they improved their technical skills through classroom sessions and using a 40 year old medium format film camera.  They had talks from visiting guest speakers learning about artists and photographers and their different interpretations of portraiture.  They learnt interviewing techniques from a journalist who helped form the questions they were to ask.

The Alumni Photographers were involved in all aspects of the image making and production process developing skills in critical and creative reflection to narrow down the final set of images.  The Alumni Portrait Project reflects their commitment, willingness to learn, hard work and creative flair.  Through the quirks and charm of film photography these young people have created an impressive body of work that celebrates the impact that WYT has had in shaping the lives of young people.