Printed from Kodachrome slide film.

Florence wanted her husband to stop smoking.  When getting him to blow cigarette smoke into an empty milk bottle to replicate what his lungs might look like, failed to deter him she suggested he used the money saved to buy a set of golf clubs.  He bought the golf clubs, didn’t stop smoking and hid his cigarettes in the caddy.  It was the thought, only, of a Kodak Retinette camera and spare cash to buy Kodachrome film that in 1958, Bill Hassall, finally quit.

Posed shows a selection of photographs of family life from the early 1960s.  Working as a journalist in Manchester, Florence would be accompanied by a newspaper photographer who would style, pose and choreograph each shot.  This experience combined with her husband’s photography night classes and the need to not waste precious film meant every one of my childhood and family photographs was set up as though it were for the front cover of a magazine.

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