Priory Tales


This photography project produced an impressive collection of images of Birkenhead Priory as seen thought the eyes of Wirral’s young people.  Over a six month period the group photographed extensively at Wirral’s oldest landmark, developing both their technical and creative skills.

The programme had three aspects: macro photography, Isaac Cordal inspired monk characters, and the young people’s interpretation of the Priory.  Sessions alternated between trips out photographing and classroom based learning where they were introduced to the work of artists and photographers to inspire and develop their ideas.

The images selected by the group show a diverse and imaginative response; the priory at night, a collage of unusual angles, different interpretations of past inhabitants, a collection of meaningful words taken from gravestones, an inspired way of depicting how restoration work sits with the original building, a typology of mason’s signatures, acts of faith and a stunning panorama from the top of St Mary’s Tower.

The exhibition celebrated not only the charm and history of this extraordinary building but the diverse creativity of the young photographers.

Priory Tales is collaboration with Wirral Borough Council’s Creative Youth Development and Birkenhead Priory.  Funded by the National Lottery.